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back pain and writing

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I have literally not written a single word for my wrimo today, because I cannot focus with the incredibly intense pain in my back. I’ll try later, but I remain at about 6600 words


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Currently, I’m at 5100 words, at the start of day 3 (where I should be at the end of day 3), and I’m learning that, when you’re trying to write a lot in a hurry, you should always get wordy. Fun stuff, really.

Apologies, and updates

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Apologies for not posting yesterday. I was keeping very busy with other things and it simply slipped my mind. Anyway, an update on my WriMo: By the time you’re reading this, I should be above 2500 words, and I’m just now working my way to the point where my characters’ lives are becoming hellish. My first [...]

About my NaNoWriMo book

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May as well get back to posting now, with posting about my WriMo. Its genre is, er, I’m not sure, but i takes place in our world, except with telepath/empaths, who I’ve taken to calling the Keepers of Light (Cheesy as heck, and they know it). The main character, Ian, will join this organization as a [...]

Not posting again ’til the first

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I’m burnt out, and really would like to blog about writing my NaNoWriMo, so I’m not going to post again until the 31 or first. I apologize about that.

The sagging middle

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I thin it’s important to talk about this concept before I get to the major parts of this. The sagging middle is where your middle is weak, either due to being vague in your mind, or just being frustrated with your progress and running with what comes to mind (I’ve done both in an attempt to [...]

Writing your middle

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The middle of a story is the hardest part to create, judging by personal experience and what I’ve read. This makes perfect sense to me, because it’s easy to figure out how you want your story  to begin and end, but, generally,  your plan to get from the start to the finish is vague, especially if you’re writing [...]

Publishing house: The big guys

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For now, here’s where you can make the real money, if you’re lucky. Publishing houses actually tend to be extremely picky, because they’re looking for marketable material, so make sure you’re starting off on the right foot. There are two ways of submitting your work to a publishing house: with an agent, which increases your [...]

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