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Deciding on your plot

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Deciding on your plot can be a really challenging part of writing a story, but what it ultimately boils down to is someone (or multiple someones, as the case may be) wants something, someone or something is keeping them from getting that something, and you’re describing the process of how they get, or don’t get, [...]

Finding your inspiration

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And this is where I go nuts with describing in great detail one aspect of the whatever the series is about. Some of these maybe so long that they will be split into multiple posts. The first post is all about finding your inspiration. Finding an inspiration for your story is tough, but it is probably [...]

Getting started on your story

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Welcome to the first of my many series. This one, appropriately enough is all about getting started on your story. These will usually go like so: A short descriptor of what it’s about and how it will help on the first day, and, after that, longer, more detailed posts. So let us begin: Writing is [...]

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