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Introversion, Extraversion, and characterization

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Portraying introversion and extraversion properly in your writing isn’t critical, but it does help you create more realistic characters, which is excellent if that’s what you’re after. Introversion Have you ever met someone who liked to be alone, didn’t seem too thrilled with the idea of small talk, and/or seemed enamored with nerdy pursuits? Or maybe you [...]

Your character’s relationships, and how social they are

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Two very important parts of creating a character are giving them a strong motivation, and figuring out just how they interact with the people around them. This is where I intend to help you with the latter, via two sections: Relationships and sociability. Relationships Relationships are interesting, as they can be extremely fluid or rock [...]

Your character’s attitude and motivation

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Your character’s attitude and motivation basically define them, so it’s important that you take some time to think about these things in regards to your characters and find the best fit. Attitude Let’s start with your character’s attitude. Is your hero a knight in shining armor who thinks people are inherently good, or is he [...]

Your character’s personality

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How a character looks can be important (To me, it usually isn’t, however, unless there’s some defining characteristic used to identify them, or I’m reading a romance, though why would I, in particular, be reading a romance, I don’t know), but how they think and act (along with how their acts are presented) can make or [...]

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