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Know your biases

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This is going to be the shortest series ever, judging by what I can think of. In fact, tomorrow, I may start on the series about¬†writing your middle. Everyone has some sort of bias towards some person or group, that’s just a given. Like how everyone is a little racist. Well that’s what you should [...]

Do your research, or why Google is your friend

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Obviously, if you want to avoid offending people, you have to know what they act like and go through. Here, research is your friend. To my mind there are actually two areas where you should do your research: common stereotypes, so you can avoid them, and actual behavior/effects so you can make an accurate portrayal. You [...]

How to avoid offending your audience

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Obviously, unless you have a very limited audience united around hate (and if you do, get out), you’re going to want to avoid offending your audience. In this series, I give you strategies to ensure that you don’t offend the vast majority of people. It’s not always going to be easy, but it is possible. [...]

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