Know your biases

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This is going to be the shortest series ever, judging by what I can think of. In fact, tomorrow, I may start on the series about writing your middle.

Everyone has some sort of bias towards some person or group, that’s just a given. Like how everyone is a little racist. Well that’s what you should assume about yourself, anyway. And you should try to find anything you don’t inherently like and exclude it from your fiction, like how I’ll never write anything about right-wing policies, because I’m far from a big fan of them.

Of course the opposite is true. If you’re heavily biased towards something, you should avoid writing¬†about it, unless your goal is to push that agenda (though your first goal should ALWAYS to be to tell a story).

Also, I’ll just point out I’m cutting back on the posting to one a day for now, so I don’t burn out.

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