Is there a point where I should give up on a story?

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There is a point where you should give up on a story, but, as usual, it varies. That point should be where you’re unable to salvage the story from the issues that plague it, like it has one plot hole that you can’t get past no matter what you do, it’s absolutely riddled with inconsistencies, or the story’s not working out anywhere near as well as planned (the last one is why I’m considering giving up on my current project). Of course, whether or not a story has reached this point depends on the person, and the story. If you think you’ve reached this point, be realistic when you ask yourself, “Can I save my story, and if so how?” If you can’t give yourself an adequate answer, it may be time to give up.

Of course. other things could cause you to give up on your story, such as losing the will to work on it, or personal issues making it impossible to get past one or more scenes. If you can, you should try to find a way around these issues before giving up on the story as a whole, but, if they’re too much, it’s probably best if you just walk away from it, and start anew. Writing, after all, should be something you enjoy doing, and not a constant struggle against your own apathy or emotions.

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