I almost never vary from my 3am/3pm posting schedule, but, as a big fan of auto racing, I couldn’t help myself. Today, during the Indy World Championships, Indy 500 winner Dan Wheldon was involved in a 15 car crash that killed him, when his car flew through the air, slammed top first into the SAFER barrier, and slide down the track on its side.

The injuries were described as unsurvivable.

Now, safety is something that has always fascinated and concerned me in auto racing, and I do wonder what could have been done to save Dan. One idea that does come to mind is getting rid of the open cockpit design. Sure it’s almost a fundamental part of the sport, especially in certain leagues, but it’s proven fatal before. Fatal incidents that might have been survivable that come to mind are the death of Marco Campos (Flew over a concrete wall and slammed his head against another part of said concrete wall) and was killed. The other was in the GP2 series, where a car crashed off the side, and lost a tire. The tire bounced on to the track and slammed into another driver’s head (I forget the name of the driver), and that driver ended up dying.

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