Your character’s relationships, and how social they are

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Two very important parts of creating a character are giving them a strong motivation, and figuring out just how they interact with the people around them. This is where I intend to help you with the latter, via two sections: Relationships and sociability.


Relationships are interesting, as they can be extremely fluid or rock solid. However, they are also extremely easy to screw up, and thus should be treated with care. Generally you want your characters’ attitudes to drive their relationships in the direction you want, and you want any changes to progress naturally. For example, a man and a woman just meet randomly. The man is a big guy with a love of football and is generally a nice guy. The woman is a bit meek, doesn’t really care for sports, and is a bit scared of him with his size and all. I don’t think these two are going to be falling in love and jumping into bed right away, without an incredibly good explanation, involving mind control, but if a relationship is developed over a period of time it’s possible that they will be doing the horizontal tango at some point. On the other hand, if a woman catches her husband cheating on her with another woman, assuming this isn’t an open relationship, there is every reason to assume she’s going to be rightly pissed, and good reason to assume that she won’t have any respect for him anymore, starting right after she catches him cheating.


Another important factor is how sociable, or, to use a psychological term, extraverted they are (for the record, I’m using the spelling of extroverted that google recognizes, though wordpress seems to primarily recognize extroverted. Huh). A character with low extraversion is going to be an introvert, a character with high extraversion is going to be an extravert, and a character with middling extraversion is going to be an ambivert. These concepts are so fascinating to me that I could write for days about it, which is why I’m going to go into some detail describing both concepts in my next post.

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