Somewhat more than the basics of creating characters

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Needless to say, your characters drive your story, and if you don’t have compelling characters, who’s going to read your story? In this series, I hope to help you create compelling characters, by giving you the component parts of a character and ways to use them to make your characters interesting. I’m not going to tell you how to describe them, or anything like that, as that’s more a personal decision, and (in my opinion) not hugely relevent to the story. More relevent is how they act and react, as that’s what moves and defines the story’s narrative.

Tomorrow, I’m going to start with the personality of your characters, and how to use that to create interesting characters, that, hopefully, will hold your readership’s interest. Overall, in this series, there is so much that I can write about, and so little time before November, when I start writing about what I learn participating in NaNoWriMo (and may have NaNoWriMo writers guest-posting, so stay tuned for that), that if this starts to take too long (IE it lasts to about the 13th and there’s still more to write) I’ll start on another series, while continuing this one, and post twice a day.

Psychology is a very complex topic, so I expect to be writing about that one for quite a while, unfortunately.

Also, unless I overslept, badly, you’ll notice that the first series now has its own page on the top of the site. It includes all the comments that were made before publication of the page (zero) and links to each individual post for easy commenting in the future. Comments will be closed after three months, so if you have something to say about those posts, say it before January. I’ll be doing this for each individual series of posts, so I can create an easy reference guide for you to use in the future.



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