Deciding on your plot

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Deciding on your plot can be a really challenging part of writing a story, but what it ultimately boils down to is someone (or multiple someones, as the case may be) wants something, someone or something is keeping them from getting that something, and you’re describing the process of how they get, or don’t get, that something. Maybe they’re after something like vengeance, or the ultimate power to save, destroy, or conquer the world/universe. (Why would anyone want to destroy the universe anyway?) Anyway, your job is to describe how your characters pull it off. Of course this does depend on the characters and the setting, so you may want to create those once you have a bare-bones plot down, or, alternatively, create the plot first and let that decide how the characters are, in a basic sense, to be fleshed out over time (creating characters will be described in the next series).

Going on the earlier idea, maybe my Michael Westen stand in (let’s call him Chuck, for convenience sake) has met his evil equal, and said evil equal wants to harness the power of the interference happy gods to, oh, I don’t know, take over the world (cliche, I know, but bear with me). Chuck, of course, is going to have to stop him. The exact method Chuck will use to stop the evil bastard depends on the writer, the geography of the setting (for example, it’s going to be very different if the world is flat and rural than if it was mountainous or urban), and the characters themselves.

Tomorrow, I help you start writing your work, by giving you ideas on how to begin your story.

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