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Yeah, boring title. I’ll admit as much. Anyway, this site is all about helping you on your road to writing stories, and maybe getting published, if you can handle my dry writing style. All of my information is based on my personal experiences with writing my novel (in rewrite stages, once I stop procrastinating) and reading (along with some stuff borrowed from TV Tropes), and as each section gets done, I’ll make a new page for it the next day, consisting of the posts on that topic, and any comments that have been made before publication of that page.

Also, an admission: I did intend to launch this site yesterday, but a complete collapse of my router’s ability to get me online stopped that idea dead in its tracks, before resolving itself. Because that may happen again, I’ve decided to set up my posts hours ahead of time, and publish at 3 pm PDT. This way, regardless of what happens, I should, hopefully, have something to publish.

And, since this is all about tips, I’ll offer one now: Know your strengths and weaknesses. Someone who’s very good at being funny, but struggles to keep a serious plot going, should at least stick to comedy writing in the short-term, and work their way to writing a serious plot over time, to give themselves time to learn and adapt to writing a serious plot (and I’ll admit that I have the opposite problem).

The site is still under construction, so expect things to change considerably as time goes on. Let’s see how long it takes Google to allow Adsense ads here.

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